Adrienne Brown-David was born in St. Louis, MO.  She began drawing at a very young age.  Her passion for art was consistently nurtured by her family.  She began taking extracurricular art classes at the age of 12.  These classes consisted of everything from pottery to photography.  For much of her life, graphite was the main focus of her art.  After a brief stint at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a short return to St. Louis, Adrienne relocated to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.  It was here that she began to focus on painting and mixed media.  She spent several years creating a body of work that is easily identified by its "drip" effect.  


After marriage and four children, she relocated to Oxford, MS.  With the demands of work and family life, she had to take a break from the large mixed media portraits that she had become known for.  During this break, Adrienne began doodling tiny neighborhoods in her sketchbook with Sharpie pen to keep her hand and eye sharp.  These tiny doodles grew into larger and larger compositions.  Her love for these doodles grew as well and they are now her main artistic focus.  Each composition is created entirely free hand and a single Sharpie pen is used (until it completely runs out of ink).

Most recently, Adrienne has been playing with portraiture in an illustrative form, drawing custom family portraits.  These family portraits have been used for Christmas cards, post cards, business cards, as well as beloved keepsakes.  They are simple, line drawings of families, but mastering the unique characteristics of each family member makes the resemblance undeniable, even with the lack of facial features. 

That attention to unique details eventually evolved into her current project, custom paper dolls or Minikins. The goal of Minikins is to create a completely customized representation of any and every child.  This means that all genders, skin tones, hair types/colors, eye color and abilities can have a toy that represents their unique beauty.


Adrienne Brown-David currently works from her home studio in Water Valley, MS where she resides with her husband, Taariq and their four daughters.

- Oxford, MS

    Spring 2014: City Grocery 

- Oxford, MS

    Spring 2014: Boure

- Oxford, MS

    October 2013: One Night Stand - Oxford, MS

    October 2013: Oxford Art Crawl - Oxford, MS

    September 2013: Oxford Art Crawl - Oxford, MS

    Spring 2013: Boure - Oxford, MS

    March 2013: InterACTions - Oxford, MS

    March 2012: InterACTions - Oxford, MS

    February 2010: A Long TIme Coming - Water Valley, MS

    2008: Perpetual Flux The Brilliant Easel - Oxford, MS

    2006: Inconspicuous Walsh Metal Works - St. Croix, US Virgin                 Islands

    2005: Adrienne Brown: A Retrospective Danica's Fine Art - St.                   Croix, US Virgin Islands

    2004: Arts and Entertainment Caribbean Community Theater -                 St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

    2002 - 2006: Good Hope Annual Fine Arts Exhibition (Group                  Exhibition) Good Hope School - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

    1993 and 1997: Visions (Group Exhibition) Portfolio Gallery and            Educational Center - St. Louis, MO

Past exhibits 


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